Still to come

Concepts a limited collection of some the projects that have not make it into production yet. The Nexus 42 is essentially our G41 in a Euro styling without the classic details such as a clipper bow, trail boards and all the wood work on the exterior. This concept came about after a client saw a rendering of our G41 in our CAD software... while we do not design our boats on the computer we do use it for all the complex hydrodynamic calculations and weight and volume modeling. For this purpose the models are created without the unneeded details and as you can see the boat is quite hansom without her classic dress. The G50 was a concept that very nearly made it to production – shown here is the 50’ version – it was eventually pushed to 54’ on the drawing board before the 2008 down turn. Fortunately we wisely decided to put it on hold until the market finishes it correction... and so there it sits.