OEM Enhancements and Retro Fixes

OEM Upgrade/Equipment - As our product line develops we strive to make some of these advancements retro-fit-able onto older boats. The following are some of the more commonly sought after additions...

Retrofit Updates/Upgrades - As the fleet ages and service life of various components becomes known, these are some of the factory approved solutions...

March 5, 2017

Compression Post Upgrade Kit – Gozzard 36A (pre 1990)

Compression Post Kit… Installation Guide Lines As our fleet ages we are finally seeing some issues with the construction of the earlier boats… the good news is we are still here to help and we recognize the value of helping our owners to correct these and any other problems that may crop up in the future. It is good for all of us as it maintains the vessels value and in the process our reputation. At some point in our production run of the G36 (and maybe some of you can help us with this because our records do not […]
February 18, 2017

Factory Hard Bimini for the Gozzard 41 and 44

Does your canvass Bimini Top need replacing? Well consider replacing it for the last time with our new FRP hard Bimini top. Now a standard feature on all new Gozzard Yachts, this feature can be retro fitted to any earlier model.
February 14, 2017

Raw Water Pump Retrofit Bracket W71 and W82

If you have ever had to replace the water pump impeller on the Westerbeke 72 or 82 diesel, you will appreciate this bracket which allows you to relocate the pump from its OEM aft facing position to a much easier to access forward facing position. This bracket is custom machined from billet T6061 aluminum and has been thoroughly tested in the field. The kit comes with all fasteners required to install. Note that the alternator must be removed to install and that the rotation of the pump is reversed so the impeller must be replaced with a new one… also […]