Spring 2017 – New Web Page

Spring 2015 – Rendezous Registration Is Now Open
January 19, 2017

Welcome to our new 2017 version of our Gozzard Yachts web site. Many thanks to Christopher and crew at Lumin8 for the site development and a special thanks to Julie and Dan of Gaviidae, seen front and center in the picture below, for the help us populate the content. The new web site should allow us to be more active and create a better online presents and we are looking forward to a web page we can edit and keep current going forward. As with all new things, I am sure we will need to clean up some details – so if you see any errors or typo’s please feel free to contribute.

While the site may seem familiar to our regular visitors, obviously there is some new content which we hope to grow on going forward. Of note is the expanded brokerage section which now includes new Gozzard related products and some used Gozzard related equipment. You may also note we have expanded our legacy pages as a resource for future and current owners of the older members of our fleet. And finally we hope to get a lot more images of our products doing what they do best in our gallery section. 

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It has been a fairly typical winter for us here in the  factory. In addition to the usual number of refit projects we have been slowly working away on finishing our brand new Gozzard 41RC which made its initial debut at the Annapolis Show last fall. While she looked fabulous, all dressed for the show, what many visitors did not realize was that she was far from finished – in fact we barely made it to the show as it was! There are still a lot of cool things we have in store for this very special boat so stay tuned! And speaking of boat shows, what has been really notable this winter is the increase in the brokerage activity since the end of November. It has been a while since we have seen this level activity and that is a refreshing change from the past few years.

For those keeping track (from top left moving clockwise) we have “Lynne Marie” (G44), “Wild Goose” (G36), our demo G41RC, “Lady M (G44mk2), Gaviidae (G37), Spitfire (Melges 24), Team Uri (Melges 24) and finally “Crescendo” G31. Not in the image are “Miss Behaving” G44 Center Cockpit (in the paint booth), “Blue Heron” G36PH and “Wave Equation” (G31) 

Other news – The Gozzard Yachts Racing Team stepped it up and made a trip to the Melges 24 World Championships in Miami this past December. The week long event featured extremely challenging conditions with over 20 knots of breeze almost every day in addition to the ocean swells of the Gulf Stream. We managed to finish 51st overall in the world but when you consider the number of fully professional teams, World and Olympic medalist that were there, we felt proud and somewhat humbled to be in such company. And as you can see in the photo under Gaviidae, our abilities to refit boats has not been lost on other Melges 24 owners. The real take away of this event however is the reaction you get when folks finally realize who we are… known primarily for our building of pretty special cruising boats, people are often more than a little surprised when we show up at a world championship event to compete at that level. Needless to say we take all aspects of our sport seriously. Specially thanks to Evolution Sails who took a risk on a long shot team and supported us by building a special set of sails specifically for the event and to Gozzard 41 owners Jeff and Lynne in Fort Lauderdale for their logistic support.

As spring approaches we find ourselves in the process of closing a number of Gozzard Brokerage contracts so I will wait a couple of weeks before welcoming all the new Gozzard Owners to the family. Until then…